VIP Dog Kennel Potomac Animal hospital is equipped with separate boarding facilities for your cat or dog. All animals are examined by our Doctors and  our veterinary technicians on a regular basis. Pets can be groomed or simply bathed after they stay with us. If this is the case please call before picking up to make sure the grooming is complete. We discourage sending any personal toys or bedding with your pet. Every effort is made to keep track of your pet's belongings, however, we cannot be responsible for the replacement or return of lost items.


Reservations are necessary, especially during holidays. Pets can be dropped off between 8am and 6pm Monday - Friday or 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays. Pets can be picked up between 9am and 6pm Monday - Friday or 9am to 1pm on Saturday. Drop off and pick-up are not available on Sundays.


Facilities are spacious and comfortable. Dog kennel dimensions vary from 3.5' to 8' wide and 5' to 15' deep.

The cat condos are from 3' to 6' wide and 2.5' deep; each condo is a private four level unit with individual ventilation. Our popular dog VIP units (see picture above) are 8' by 7' and for the cats our VIP units are "double wide". We also have heated floors for your pets comfort.

We can also board your hamsters, guinea pigs, or other small friends upon request. However, you will need to supply the cage, all bedding, and food.

Feline Boarding Facilities


Healthy pets receive a physical exam every other day while boarding. Geriatric, diabetic or other pets with special needs will be examined once a day. Dogs will enjoy regular indoor exercise every two to three hours. Please let us know of any medical conditions in your pet's history and bring any needed medication with instructions. If your pet is on a special diet please bring that with you as well.

Peace Of Mind

Potomac Animal Hospital operates continuously during power outages. When we expanded our hospital in 1997, we installed an industrial generator large enough to operate the entire hospital. Potomac Animal Hospital is entirely self-sufficent. We are available to serve your emergency needs and those of your neighbors and their pets everyday regardless of the weather or community emergencies.


In case of an emergency we will attempt to contact you, but reserve the right to administer immediate care to safeguard your pet's health and safety. Please be sure to leave us a telephone number where you or a friend can be reached anytime.


  • Cat - Current Distemper and Rabies Vaccine 
  • Dog - Current Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Canine Influenza Vaccines.

Special services

- These services have a small extra charge.
  • Medicating
  • Special meals
  • Medical Exercise


As of May 2016, we will be charging a small fee of $2.40 daily, for any diet you request we feed your dog during their stay with us that is not our regular maintenance product. Our maintenace product is Iams Intestinal Plus dry and canned food. We recommend this diet because it is bland, highly digestible, which make it well tolerated. This change is due to the increasing cost of the assorted prescription diets we carry. There will be no extra charge to feed any diet that your provide while your pet is boarding.


  • Dog rates depend on their size:
    • Less than 25 pounds is $26.60 per night.
    • 25 - 49 pounds is $28.10 per night.
    • 50 - 74 pounds is $29.10 per night.
    • 75 - 99 pounds is $31.95 per night.
    • 100 - 120 pounds is $32.70 per night.
    • Over 120 pounds is $37.55 per night.
  • Cats $21.90 per night.
  • Beds are included in the regular boarding fee.
  • VIP accommodations are $5.40/night in addition to the regular boarding fee.
  • Please call for rates on all other animals.
  • All rates subject to change without notice.