What is heartworm disease?
Heartworms are parasites that inhabit the heart. Mosquitoes transmit the disease. The presence of just one heartworm may result in permanent damage, even death, but it is 100% preventable!
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Does my cat need a monthly preventative?

Heartworm prevalence is significant enough that owners should be informed about its prevention. Like many diseases heartworm is easier and less expensive to prevent than to treat! If you believe your cat might be exposed we recommend you start using the monthly preventative.

But wait, my cat is indoors all the time!

The fact that many cats are indoor offers a false sense of security. Spending time outdoors does put cats at greater risk for heartworm infection. However, over ¼ of the cats diagnosed are solely indoor cats, according to their owners.

Getting started is easy!

  1. We highly recommend testing your cat first. This requires a small blood sample from your cat to test for antigens and antibodies prior to administering the medication. This test must be negative for you to start the preventative. The test costs $59
  2. Give your cat the medication once a month on a regular basis. There are different types of medications that we can use. Some medications are oral others can be applied topically, and their cost can be as low as $4 - 12/ month.