Pet Health Insurance

Due to advances in medical technology, veterinary care has become incredibly sophisticated. Unfortunately, the cost of these new services can be expensive. Without pet insurance, you are forced to put a price tag on the life of your beloved companion. This traumatic situation can be avoided by enrolling your pet in an insurance program. Insurance plans cover your pet for unexpected accidents and illnesses, including procedure costs, prescription drugs, x-rays, spaying and neutering and more. Insurance programs also offer coverage for routine wellness care, such as annual checkups, vaccines, dental cleaning and other preventive care. The peace of mind we provide is as priceless as the life of your pet.

How Does Insurance Work?

Most insurance providers will work the same way:

  1. See any licensed veterinarian.
  2. Pay for the visit at the time of service.
  3. Have an authorized veterinary staff member fill out the claim form by listing the diagnosis and signing it.
  4. Sign and mail the claim form to the insurance provider.

How Do I Get Insurance?

There are many different providers, and each one offers different benefits at different rates. Here is the information to the most popular insurance providers. Please contact them to find out the details