Full dental services with state of the art equipment, performed by doctors. Services include scaling, polishing, digital oral radiography and continued dental care. Dental services are scheduled on Wednesdays or on an as needed basis.

Preventative Health Care

We offer animal wellness examinations, vaccines and health screening tests tailored to the special needs of each pet. A strong preventative health care plan allows us to detect and treat problems promptly, giving your pet the best quality of life. Appointments are available daily with our doctors.


Surgery services include anything from routine spays and neuters, as well as emergency procedures. Surgeries are scheduled Wednesdays and Thursdays or on an as needed bases. Aside from conventional surgery we also offer laser surgery. Laser surgery has been proven to cause less pain, bleeding and swelling. What this means is that your pet will have a reduced risk of infection, more comfortable recovery, shorter hospital stays, and quicker return to normal activities.

Internal Medicine

We offer diagnosis and treatment of disease affecting the internal organs of the body. These animals usually don't require surgery but require medical treatment and care.


We offer on site radiology services. Ultrasound services are available and provided by a radiology specialist.


Orthopedic services including surgeries are available and provided by an orthopedic specialist.

EKGs and Blood Pressure

On site EKGs and and Blood Pressure measurement are available.

In house Laboratory

Click here to view our state of the art laboratory equipment available on site for quick results.